dividing construction

protect yourself from outside view 


patios and gardens


patios intérieurs

ground floor divisions


zone 1: service areas


zone 1 : living spaces


zone 3: service areas


horizontal distribution

one floor for the bedrooms

shifting of the volumes of the parts



Dakar I Senegal I 2017


The land of this villa has the constraint of being surrounded on its four sides by constructions built on the terraced boundary. Where a traditional house would be placed in the center of the plot with a garden around, we have chosen to reverse the usual scheme by designing a villa that would surround its own garden placed in the center of the plot.

Thus, by designing a villa with the garden at its center, it protects itself from outside view. The facades overlooking the garden are the facades of the villa and this location therefore gives it privacy in front of its neighbors.

The ground floor is divided into three areas, each making up one wing of the villa. The first is located at the entrance and groups together the service areas. The second consists of living rooms and has a large facade open onto the garden. The last area includes a second service area with the guest bedroom and the gym.

On the first floor, the horizontal distribution is rejected towards the outside so as to have all the rooms which overlook the interior garden of the villa. A balcony is developed along the rooms, so the volume of the horizontal distribution is raised to receive the maximum of natural light.

Finally, the facades overlooking the patio are shaped by the offset of the interior volumes, thus optimizing the amount of sunshine in the interior spaces.

The facades are treated differently: the facades overlooking the interior garden of the villa will be in light, white shades and will have many windows. On the contrary, the facade overlooking the street is more closed, with materials of warm colors.


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