Sky Sun


Dakar I Senegal I 2019

In Progress

The program provided by the client was as follows: 
An office tower, a tower for apartments and a shopping center all to be built on the same plot.
The name given to the towers is a reference to the Chinese characters for Heaven and Sun, in homage to the property developer.
The Sky Tower, which houses the offices, takes its inspiration from Islamic architecture with the structure of the building being on the outside in order to manage the sunlight that penetrates through the glazed facade behind it.
The Sun tower, for the apartments, is a tribute to the geometric shapes of Senegalese traditional clothing.
The shopping center connects the two towers at their bases but also connect the project to its surrounding.






The office building is located on the side of Cheikh Anta Diop avenue.
It has a triangular shape with rounded sides.


At the level of the facade, there are slab overhangs on which one of the building's supporting structures will rest.
The overhang also protects the facade from the sun.


The load-bearing structure of the office building is located outside. This also gives it the role of Decorative element.
The particularity of this structure is that it recalls forms of the African tradition and also the Chinese character representing the sky.


The apartment building is located on the side of Rue Mermoz 181. It has a view of the sea.


Terraces have been fitted out on the two main facades of the building. One of them allows you to enjoy the sea view.
The shape of these terraces resembles a Chinese character representing the sun.

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