Bamako I Mali I 2017

TThe existing building is 5 stories high and shaped as a C, opening towards the street. Constructed in reinforced concrete, it constitutes the structural base for the project.

A new volume is inserted to close the c shape. This volume is as high as the ground floor and contains the main entrance and lobby of the hotel. This addition gives more intimacy to the courtyard, which becomes the heart of the project, a wide open and vegetated space, like an oasis in the middle of the city. All shops and hotel’s services are on the ground floor.

A sunshade, organically shaped, protects the green patio and creates shadowed paths within it, leading from the lobby to the staircases and elevators serving the hotel’s rooms. This structure also unites all of the commercial and service spaces under one roof, except for the panoramic restaurant, which is on the top floor.

The access to the hotel’s rooms, in the upper levels, happens through a corridor that runs on the outside side of the building, strategic choice that guarantees all rooms to have a balcony towards the protected patio.



new volume: lobby


facades on the street with extruded volumes related to the context

roof "crown"

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