Housse AA

Design d'Intérieur, Aménagement de l'espace

Rescaldina I Italia I 2015


The project involves the restoration and refurbishment of an empty attic to create a new home for a young couple.
The relationship between the different parties of the project (architect-clients-existing attic) resulted in a space with one precise rule: the creation of the central axis around which the distribution of the living and sleeping areas revolves.

The space is designed in such a way that it lets the users explore it or expand it. The oblique lines add to the dynamism of these continuous spaces, they also help delimit the space, creating new “spaces” (kitchen, walk-in closet).
 The White and dove gray combined with an adjustable lighting creates a space that is deliberately neutral, allowing the young couple to personalize the space along the years.
Freedom within the rule: find a rule that allows the freedom once applied.

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