Fann Terraces


Dakar I Senegal I 2019

In progress


Fann TERRACCES is a 6 storey residential project (33 appts) located in the heart of the Fann neighborhood and about 300 m away from the seaside. This idyllic setting inspired the design’s guiding principle with the objective of making the most out of the calm surroundings and the view towards the sea.

The apartments are grouped around a spacious central courtyard with 2/3rd of them overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
Each apartment is accessible via 2 distinctive entrances and includes 4 rooms with adjoining bathrooms, an extra room, a wet kitchen, a dry kitchen, a staff room and a 60 m²   living room with a spacious terrace to go with it.
An underground car park fits 99 cars and offers an 8 m² cellar for each resident. At ground level, all the necessary amenities (including 2 pools, a fully equipped gym, a sauna, a hammam and 4 multi-purpose spaces) are gathered around the courtyard and are accessible to the residents. 2 retails are also accessible via the SAMO street.

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