Dakar I Senegal I 2017

The choice of the Bakery, Patisserie and Restaurant project consists of the choice of glass-cement as the identification material. The patterns are three in number. Identification: Brand, Economy and elegance: reduce costs and maintain a high standard, Cultural: Henri Matisse.

"Matisse" must be a brand immediately recognizable in the city especially by the idea that it will be the first in a chain. The logo reflects the signature of the artist Henri Matisse, is both simple and elegant in black.
The material chosen to identify the brand is cement glass. Material that allows the creation of transparent facades in any economy. In addition, its use as the only material is very elegant and highly symbolic in the real estate context of Dakar, allowing it to become a place immediately visible in which the client feels at ease.

Henri Matisse was a painter closely linked to Islamic art and lived for a long time in Morocco and Algeria. Some references and suggestions that inspired the project: One of his most famous collages "nude blue" works on a white background and creates the image leaving exits between the blue boxes.


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